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Product Review: The WiFi-enabled SmartPen

          I was excited to try the smartpen. I’m a notetaker– in fact the process of note taking is my primary strategy for retaining…


Mycelium Material Inspiration

For my class Fungus Among Us, I wanted to explore mycelium as a desirable material. I thought about marbling and veins, natural dyes, and cross sections. Plenty of…

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On Mycelium Growth and Form

What drew me to taking Fungus Among Us was my ¬†interest in the mathematical or procedural expressions of mycelium growth. On Growth and Form by Sir D’arcy Thompson…

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Egg Timer: A Friendly Reminder

For this year’s Stupid Hackathon, I created a virtual “biological clock” app to help you visually account for how many eggs you have left. A funny thing happens…

Strandbeest Mechanism Test


Bell Labs Style Guide

As some of you ITP folks may already know, I was working with Team Drone on a doc about Bell Labs. For the short film, I created a…

Data Viz of Emotional Dispersion: Projection Mapping + 3D printing


Forays into 3D printed textiles with Francis Bitonti

This summer, I had the good fortune of working with Francis Bitonti on interlocking textiles for at-home 3D printing. Lots more posts on this soon. Interlocking parts in…


What it feels like to fail at business.

A few weeks ago, the office of Carine Roitfeld emailed me. They wanted to pull a few pieces for a cover shoot of a magazine. I’ve turned down…