Doti: the Dot-Matrix Desktop Loom





Doti is a desktop jacquard loom, and tool to enable craftspeople to render their ideas with expression and repeatability.



Doti is the product of a lifelong fascination with weaving and toolmaking. I began my career as practicing craftsperson, specializing in the integration of textiles and metal work. Eventually I embraced technology a means to further my craft practice.

The key to toolmaking is practicality, approachability, and simplicity. I wanted to simply the weaving experience, stripping the cumbersome floor loom to its bare essentials– a frame, beater, ratchets, and a custom jacquard mechanism.  Most importantly of all, I wanted to reduce the footprint of the loom. The compact desktop form allows consumers to accommodate the loom in their homes.

I completed my first prototype for my thesis at ITP.




Here I’m demonstrating where the weaver passes the thread, also known as the shed. TBE_3873
Plexiglass panels are fitted with slots, offering strain relief for the motors. 


The Process

assembly3 assembly2 assembly1 parts6 parts5 parts4 parts3 parts1


What’s Next

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  1. Beautiful workmanship. Fabulous project. My daughter who is a weaver sent me the link.
    I just have to ask, do you have enough documentation to enable us to build one?
    3 d cad files
    3 d printing files.

    Obviously not everyone has the skills or resources to build such a loom, but it is a perfect advanced maker project.

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