Egg Timer: A Friendly Reminder

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For this year’s Stupid Hackathon, I created a virtual “biological clock” app to help you visually account for how many eggs you have left. A funny thing happens to women as they approach their late 20’s, early 30’s. Suddenly they are tasked to re-evaluate their current trajectory in life, uproot it entirely, and change course towards maternity. The anxiety is palpable among more and more of my friends. There’s a fear of “wasting time” or pursuing relationships that won’t end in marriage/child-rearing. It’s a sure-fire way to feel terrible– a low grade paranoia that informs every decision we make.

Anyway, I think the whole thing is stupid. Really stupid. I want to show the world just how stupid it is.

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The user fills out a form that extrapolates how many eggs they have left. It’s really a gauge of how many months of fertility you have before the door closes on you forever.

I hope to fully build out this site, as well as make an embeddable widget that you can place on your blog and tick away your fertility. Future iterations will  use Box2d physics to created a dropping of the egg right after ovulation.

What are you doing still reading this? You should be getting pregnant right now.



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  1. This is awesome!!!!

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