I was excited to try the smartpen. I’m a notetaker– in fact the process of note taking is my primary strategy for retaining information. I imagined it would work seamlessly with my Evernote Premium account, I would be able to automatically draw diagrams in class– something that’s a little prohibitive in the evernote app.



First impression of the unboxing is that it’s a lot of box for one tiny pen. There is tons of copy and packaging wastage, as well as tiny peripherals that are easy to loose. The USB was not included, and it was powered off. I found my old android charger, and that did the trick.



I was not able to reset the pen, after much chagrin.




It looks like once it’s activated, it stays registered to the original owner. I contacted Justin, who de-linked his evernote, but because it is a wifi enabled pen, I’m effectively locked out. I’ve been waiting for a response to customer service. It’s been two weeks. 



The notebook contains decals and stickers that act as a fiduciary for different functions. That seems clunky– Also I’m not the hugest fan of the paper’s handfeel.

I haven’t used this device– at all. Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 9.34.41 PM

Definitely a disappointment