Day Two #100daysofMusic

I challenged myself to figure out the Arrangement view in Ableton, and at least I got something to work. Also I got a chance to give my Yeti…


Starting the New Year off right, I’m planning on tackling something that’s long evaded me– music. I possess no natural talent, but that hasn’t flagged my enthusiasm. I…


Fungus Final Concept: Desktop Organizer

  This is a quick concept sketch for ourĀ final in Fungus Among Us.

NIME Performance at the Knitting Factory

Basic Scenegraph in Cinder

GLSL play

First Stab at Writing a Fragment Shader, 2

First Stab at Writing a Fragment Shader, 1


Product Review: The WiFi-enabled SmartPen

          I was excited to try the smartpen. I’m a notetaker– in fact the process of note taking is my primary strategy for retaining…